Cottage Hill Magazine features New Jersey Wedding Planner Reveriemade

Cottage Hill Magazine recently published a New-Jersey based photoshoot styled by yours truly.  Though the Cottage Hill Magazine ‘Pioneer Issue‘ sold out worldwide(!), I’m excited to share the images here, with you.

I worked with an incredible team of creative professionals, including Michelle Lange Photography, Parris Chic Boutique, Stacie Ford Weddings, and Trophy Film Cars.  From the concept, to storyboarding, location scouting and casting, I enjoyed being a part of something bigger than ourselves; a story about a husband and wife as they strive to maintain a healthy marriage.

We wanted to portray a young, married couple who was realistic in every way: a pair who embraced both obstacles and silver linings, spontaneity and purpose.  We wanted readers everywhere to relate to the idea that every successful marriage takes work, and that even through the tribulations, love conquers all.

Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_0938 Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_0946 Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_0948 Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_0950 Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_0951
Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_1069  Reveriemade_stylist_MichelleLange_photography_CottageHillMag_1080






Cairnwood Estate Wedding Editorial Shoot featured by Magnolia Rouge

When Magnolia Rouge editor-in-chief Kate Holland e-mailed me to let me know that our editorial photo shoot at The Cairnwood Estate would grace the front page of one of my all-time favorite wedding blogs, my heart skipped a beat.


Magnolia Rouge is the epitome of organically beautiful wedding inspiration, and almost all of my favorite photographers, floral designers, stylists, and venues have been featured there (and often!).  To have my work featured on Magnolia Rouge is certainly an honor and a lifetime bucket list item, checked.


I also had the pleasure of working with an absolutely outstanding team for this editorial shoot at The Cairnwood Estate, and I invite you to head over to the blog to view all the pretty details we worked together to create.

Photography:  By Millie B Photography



Congress Hall wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

Congress Hall reached out to Kay English Photography and I to work on the promotional photos for their new wedding marketing materials.  Congress Hall is one of my all-time favorite destination wedding venues, so needless to say, I was on board immediately!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of summering in Cape May at this historic landmark, you need to add it to your bucket list.


I was honored to join the Congress Hall team as the stylist and floral designer for this photo shoot, and we worked together very closely in the planning stages to make sure we stayed true to the venue’s ‘personality’ without working against it.


Decidedly, Congress Hall is preppy, it’s fun, it’s fresh and bright; it’s high society, in an approachable, friendly way.  It’s Jackie O summering in the Hamptons.  It’s yellow and white striped beach cabanas, ice cream at the pool, tandem bikes, croquet on the grand lawn, and all the best things about summer.


Kay and I called on The Painted Lilly to create gorgeous watercolor stationery and calligraphy for the shoot, and on past mutual clients of ours, Jenna and Eric, to model for the shoot and it was so fun to work with them again.  Nothing beats working with models in real-life love.  So without further adieu, head on over to the main page of Style Me Pretty to check out all the magic we helped create at Congress Hall!



Speaking at Inspired 2015 Presented by Amber Housley

I’ll never forget the day I met Amber.  I had arrived on a flight to West Palm Beach for a luxury wedding industry conference with plans to share a room with three other women I had never met.  One of those women was Amber Housley.  From the moment I met Amber, I knew I liked her.  She was driven, intuitive, and kind.  A great steward of her time, Amber somehow managed a 9-5 corporate job; an event planning, design, and stationery business; being a mom and wife; and pulling it all off in a colorful frock, pearly white smile, and perfect hair.  Was this lady for real?

Well, yes.  She was.  And it’s been such a joy to follow her journey over the past few years.  Every once in awhile, we meet people who inspire us.  Creative people who know the meaning of hard work, of sacrifice, and the success that inevitably ensues, if we just keep at it long enough.  Amber is one of those people.


So naturally, when Amber reached out about speaking at Inspired 2015 by Amber Housley this April, I jumped at the opportunity.  I’m over-the-moon excited to share my heart with other creative women entrepreneurs and to help build them up, inspire them, and help them with the struggles of entrepreneurship:  work/life balance, setting boundaries, and how to stay inspired enough to make it rain confetti everyday.


So how about you?  Can you relate to those things?  I’d love to get the opportunity to meet you and share my heart with you at Inspired.  If you’re struggling with certain areas of your business, trust me girl; I’ve been there!  I’ve been to the end of my rope and I’ve learned what my own strengths and weaknesses are, so that I can move forward in my business purposefully and joyfully.  I want that for you too.  

My speaking topic is ‘Setting Boundaries for Yourself and for your Clients’ and girl, is it going to be good.  You know how I know it’s going to be good?  Because it will push you to honestly examine your own habits and take control of your business once again.  With an incredible speaker lineup and peaceful setting in picturesque Tennessee, Inspired promises to be a time of growth, friendship, serenity, and inspiration.

653_58847215869_772232_n rooma3 waterfall

You were given your talents for a reason, and it’s by no mistake that you are right where you are.  It’s all part of the journey, and it’s a beautiful one.  So check out Inspired and click here to register for one of 30 coveted seats.

As my little treat to you, enter code “reveriemade” to receive $200 off registration.  (That’s $200 off in addition to the early bird rate!  Believe it!)  The early bird rate expires on February 28th (or when tickets sell out!), so grab your seat while you can and I’ll see you there!

Click here to register now for Inspired 2015 by Amber Housley

Enter code “reveriemade” and save $200




Cameron Diaz inspired Style Me Pretty Wedding Roundup: Featured

Cameron Diaz inspired Style Me Pretty to put together a collection of their 17 all-time favorite home-inspired weddings, and I almost pinched myself when I saw that not one… not two… but three of the photos chosen were of weddings I designed!

I lovvve Cameron Diaz’s style (have you seen her apartment designed by Kelly Wearstler?), and though I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see more photos from her tented, at-home wedding to Benji Madden, I’m kind of psyched to think that the number one wedding blog thinks our styles are a good match.  (My sporadic dance parties around the house are all starting to make sense now.)

So without further adieu, grab yourself some coffee, sprinkle in some cinnamon because it’s Saturday and you deserve it, and head on over to Style Me Pretty to see some of my seriously fun outdoor weddings, photographed by Kay English Photography:

Photo:  Ryan Ray