Ashford Estate Wedding Published on Style Me Pretty

The Ashford Estate is one of my favorite venues, and not only because it’s five minutes from my office(!).  There’s something special about renting out an entire estate for you and your guests, so it feels like home; and then having your 24 besties spend the night in one of twelve beautifully-appointed guest rooms.  Add a photographer like Kay English Photography, and you have the makings of one lovely wedding day!

Ashford Estate Wedding on Style Me Pretty // @reveriemade // www.reveriemade.com

It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia when Adam and I met Erin, Elliot, and Erin’s mom Kathy at a quaint little coffee shop in the heart of the city.  We hit it off right away, and I knew their excitement, optimism, and industrious attitudes were a perfect match with ours.  Fast-forward one year later, to a beautiful, unseasonably warm day in September, and the plans we discussed during their consultation came to life.

Ashford Estate Wedding on Style Me Pretty // @reveriemade // www.reveriemade.com

This wedding was so elegant and romantic, with a hint of surprise and whimsy around every corner.  Erin and Elliot fell in love with the neutral color palette in their design proposal, and the palette paired well with the black-tie formality of the event.  Through their busy lifestyles, Erin and Elliot have many wonderful friends, and to fit the entire bridal party comfortably at the altar would have been a challenge.  Together, we hand-selected vintage settees and chairs within the color palette and opted to seat the bridesmaids during the ceremony, while the groomsmen stood behind them.  This made for such a comfortable experience for all, and from the bridal party to the guests, everyone was comfortable and in the moment.

Ashford Estate Wedding on Style Me Pretty // @reveriemade // www.reveriemade.com

Our flower arrangements, event design, and planning are part of Erin and Elliot’s beautiful wedding day featured on Style Me Pretty.  Head over to the full feature to check out all of my favorite details, from the delicate cafe au lait dahlias in the bouquets to the custom watercolor stationery suite, complete with a hand-painted map.

Cheers, Erin and Elliot!  It was so wonderful working with you, and I will always look back on this day with a full heart.

Ashford Estate wedding by Reveriemade and Kay English Photography // @reveriemade // www.reveriemade.com



My (Honest) Goal List

Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights quote | Kristin Polhemus @reveriemade | www.reveriemade.com

Admittedly, 2014 was a pretty tough year for me.  I worked really hard, loved on others really hard, and at the end of each day, I was exhausted from giving; and just being.  Have you ever felt like that?  Have you ever had days, weeks, or years like that?  At the risk of sounding negative– but with the certainty of being real– 2014 was one of my least favorite years.  My dad died, after four years in a coma.  My grandma died shortly after, of cancer.  I was passed over for awards I ached to earn and features in magazines in which I yearned to be published, and I heard “No” a whole bunch.  My barn studio renovation didn’t happen.  It was another year of infertility, for my husband Adam and me.  All in all, it was a year of stagnancy, loss, and soul-seeking.

As I write this– one week later than I had planned to, but exactly on time– I am encouraged.  I have decided not to place my future in the hands of the past; nor am I placing it in the hands of others.  A liberating thought is taking the future into my own hands; and more freeing yet is the thought of placing it in God’s hands.

Every year, on my first ‘office day’ after Christmas break, I spend hours mapping out my goals for the year and beyond; what my goals look like, how I can get there, when to check my progress.  In the past, I’ve kept this list to myself; perhaps out of fear of failure, or rejection by others who don’t dare to dream big.  But there’s something to be said about taking our hopes and dreams and tossing them into the universe like stars for all to see.  Because sharing our goals with others is what makes them real.  It’s what makes us accountable.

And this is why I am posting this list here.  It’s bits and pieces of dreams and goals; the business-related, the personal, the downright crazy.  After reading it through, I decided on New Year’s Day that my word for 2015 is “build.”  And I bolded all of the words that jumped out at me after I realized my list so strongly supports that.  To build my family, business, and home.  My friendships, my church, His kingdom.  I don’t know what’s in store for me over these next few years; but I find solace in a God who does.

What are your craziest, loftiest goals?  Are you daring enough to put one out in the open, and share with me here in the comments?  I’d love to be your accountability partner and encourage you along the way.  Here are mine:

  • Give birth to a beautiful, healthy miracle baby someday
  • Renovate our barn into an ethereal, inspiring design studio with great light
  • Teach classes and create beautiful things with others in this barn studio
  • Raise sweet and sassy chickens who lay (blue) eggs
  • Construct a charming, comfortable chicken coop for them
  • Grow a well-appointed garden with roses and other blooms
  • See one of our weddings featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine
  • Improve the exterior of our home by painting it a soft white
  • Create an arched entrance to the garden that will guide vines of wisteria in later years
  • Build a bright and inviting wrap-around front porch
  • Add classic, natural wood rocking chairs to said porch, and double front-doors that show weather and age
  • Share the beauty of our old farmhouse through a home tour in a major magazine or blog
  • Earn a spot on the Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planners list
  • Create a bouquet or centerpiece to be shared in Martha Stewart Weddings, BHLDN, or JCrew
  • Host a Christian women’s retreat at our home
  • Acquire a floral truck
  • Work with Jose Villa, KTMerry, Rylee HitchnerErich McVey (Bryce Covey)
  • ampills.com

  • Share my heart as a speaker at the Engage! Luxury Wedding Business Summit, Trouvaille Workshop (Yes!! Doing it, and crossing it off!), AH Inspired (Yes!  It’s happening!), and Bliss & Bespoke
  • Be fit and healthy via diet, exercise, sleep, and laughter
  • Plan, design and create flower arrangements for weddings at Riverside FarmAlder Manor, Wythe, Glen Foerd, Ham HouseThe Metropolitan Building, The Foundry
  • Travel to plan and design more weddings in the south, California, Arizona, New England (my home turf!), and abroad
  • Organize and design a social event for one of my faves: Zooey Deschanel, Lake Bell, Blake Lively, Whitney Port, Tina Fey, Emma Stone, or Jennifer Lawrence (because HELLO.)
  • Extend my design services into the field of interior design
  • Perform in a musical or ballet once again
  • Become part of the worship team at our church
  • Write a wedding-related book that not only inspires, but educates

And there you have it.  My Honest Goal List.  As I release these goals out into the world– goals that were previously held tight to my chest without being shared– I feel both liberated and vulnerable.  If you’re a dreamer, a believer, a planner, a doer, with your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground– you can relate.

“I have dreamt in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind. And this is one: I’m going to tell it – but take care not to smile at any part of it.”  Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights



Glogg: My Dad’s Norwegian Mulled Wine Recipe

Glogg mulled wine recipe and DIY mulled wine favors, shared by Kristin Polhemus of @ReverieMade | www.reveriemade.com

Glogg is a Norwegian mulled wine, and a recipe that is near and dear to my heart.  Every Christmas, for as long as I can remember, my dad lovingly prepared warm mugs of Glogg for our family as we sat around the fire and reflected on our year together.  This Christmas, however, was different.  My father passed away this spring, and this was our first Christmas without him.

But the funny thing about traditions is that they never die.  They live on in the ones who keep them alive.  At my dad’s memorial service, we made sure to share his favorite recipes in the program, so that all in attendance could find joy in his recipes for years to come.

A few days ago, on Instagram, I shared a photo of some bottles of Glogg we prepared for our neighbors using my late father’s recipe.  As a tribute to him and to the wonderful legacy he left through food and drink, I wanted to share this Glogg recipe inspired by my dad, Bob.  Glogg is a celebratory drink in our house, so feel free to make this for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other time you need an excuse for wine (I mean, do we ever?).

Note:  Like many great cooks, my dad rarely measured anything when cooking.  This recipe has been adapted from his best recollection of ingredients and amounts used.

Glogg mulled wine recipe and DIY mulled wine favors, shared by Kristin Polhemus of @ReverieMade | www.reveriemade.com




1/2 gallon hearty burgundy
1 quart port wine (tawny or regular)
3/4 quart vodka
1 jar cinnamon sticks
1 box (or two bags) of dried mixed fruit
1 bag dried raisins
sliced almonds
orange zest


Put dried fruit, raisins, orange zest and cinnamon sticks in large stew pot or crock pot.

Add water to just cover fruit.

Put cover on pot and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to ‘low’ and simmer for 30 minutes.

Add all wine and liquor, and mix well with a spoon.

Let cool on counter for two hours, then place in refrigerator overnight.


Pour liquid into another pot through a strainer.

Let fruit sit in strainer for 15 minutes to drain completely.

Ladle strained liquid through funnel and back into original wine and vodka bottles.

Serve cold, at room temperature, or warm with sliced almonds and raisins.


Glogg mulled wine recipe and DIY mulled wine favors, shared by Kristin Polhemus of @ReverieMade | www.reveriemade.com

Kristin Polhemus


Featured on Style Me Pretty Living

It’s that time of year… Time for Christmas cookies and holiday cheer!  Just in time, Parris Chic Boutique has a whole new line of pretty aprons and tea towels perfect for baking and gifting, and Style Me Pretty Living is featuring them today!

I was so excited to help with the styling of this shoot, and it just so happened to take place in my kitchen.  Check out the lovely photos by Kay English Photography in the full feature by Style Me Pretty Living!

Parris Chic Boutique (www.parrischicboutique.com) // Photography: Kay English (www.kayenglishphotography.com) // Styling: ReverieMade (www.reveriemade.com)

Photography:  Kay English Photography // Aprons, tea towels, and totes:  Parris Chic Boutique // Styling:  ReverieMade


Trouvaille The Workshop

Did you hear?  This fall, I’ll be off to Michigan for a speaking engagement at Trouvaille The Workshop, hosted by the lovely Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events.  I’m so excited for this speaking engagement, in particular, because there’s truly nothing I love more than sharing my heart for weddings with others who do what I do.

The workshop was designed for creative, entrepreneurial and driven women who operate multi-faceted wedding businesses.  The hands-on, comprehensive workshop was such a success the first time around, and I can’t wait to see what this fall’s session has in store.  From the content to the speakers, this three-day experience is sure to be a game-changer for those lucky enough to have snagged a spot, and I can’t wait to be a part of it all.

Photo: Bradley James Photography

I will be speaking on a subject that’s so important to wedding industry entrepreneurs:  Sales!  As business owners, we need to be able to sell ourselves to our potential clients, to gain their trust, to gain their excitement.  Without the ability to sell ourselves, our business is just an expensive hobby.  I can’t wait to share the sales techniques and methods I’ve learned as an award-winning salesperson in the corporate world, and how I have successfully implemented them in my wedding business.

Photo: Bradley James Photography
Photo: Bradley James Photography
Photo: Bradley James Photography
Photo: Bradley James Photography

* * * Update:  The Trouvaille Workshop has officially sold out!  Be sure to add your name to the mailing list to be among the first to hear about the next one! * * *