Speaking at Inspired 2015 Presented by Amber Housley

I’ll never forget the day I met Amber.  I had arrived on a flight to West Palm Beach for a luxury wedding industry conference with plans to share a room with three other women I had never met.  One of those women was Amber Housley.  From the moment I met Amber, I knew I liked her.  She was driven, intuitive, and kind.  A great steward of her time, Amber somehow managed a 9-5 corporate job; an event planning, design, and stationery business; being a mom and wife; and pulling it all off in a colorful frock, pearly white smile, and perfect hair.  Was this lady for real?

Well, yes.  She was.  And it’s been such a joy to follow her journey over the past few years.  Every once in awhile, we meet people who inspire us.  Creative people who know the meaning of hard work, of sacrifice, and the success that inevitably ensues, if we just keep at it long enough.  Amber is one of those people.


So naturally, when Amber reached out about speaking at Inspired 2015 by Amber Housley this April, I jumped at the opportunity.  I’m over-the-moon excited to share my heart with other creative women entrepreneurs and to help build them up, inspire them, and help them with the struggles of entrepreneurship:  work/life balance, setting boundaries, and how to stay inspired enough to make it rain confetti everyday.


So how about you?  Can you relate to those things?  I’d love to get the opportunity to meet you and share my heart with you at Inspired.  If you’re struggling with certain areas of your business, trust me girl; I’ve been there!  I’ve been to the end of my rope and I’ve learned what my own strengths and weaknesses are, so that I can move forward in my business purposefully and joyfully.  I want that for you too.  

My speaking topic is ‘Setting Boundaries for Yourself and for your Clients’ and girl, is it going to be good.  You know how I know it’s going to be good?  Because it will push you to honestly examine your own habits and take control of your business once again.  With an incredible speaker lineup and peaceful setting in picturesque Tennessee, Inspired promises to be a time of growth, friendship, serenity, and inspiration.


You were given your talents for a reason, and it’s by no mistake that you are right where you are.  It’s all part of the journey, and it’s a beautiful one.  So check out Inspired and click here to register for one of 30 coveted seats.

As my little treat to you, enter code “reveriemade” to receive $200 off registration.  (That’s $200 off in addition to the early bird rate!  Believe it!)  The early bird rate expires on February 28th (or when tickets sell out!), so grab your seat while you can and I’ll see you there!

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